14th - 16th January 2020
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EAG Seminar Programme

Bacta and EAG are pleased to present a series of high value, informative sessions addressing the key issues of the day.

Tuesday 15th January

10.45am - 11.15am
Self Exclusion - How customer facing staff handle requests from customers to self- exclude.
The sessions will cover what to say; how to deal with angry request and what is the purpose of the self-exclusion conversation with the customer. 

11.30am - 12.00pm
Local Risk Assessments
How to mitigate the local risks to the licensing objectives.  Local area profiles and expectations from a local authority.

1.00pm - 1.30pm
'Sometimes it's more than a game'
Identifying and supporting individuals experiencing problematic gambling

1.45pm - 2.15pm
What is dementia?  Can we create a dementia friendly environment?

A discussion and activity focusing on five key messages about dementia.
An understanding of some of the issues that may impact on your customers.

3.15pm - 4.15pm
"Amusements - The Italian mistake"
Presented by Gioco News
This session will review the current situation in the battle to save Redemption in Italy. Several Italian regions are banning ticket Redemption on the basis that they consider it to be a kind of “gambling for minors.”
The situation is worthy of international attention on the basis that should this abolitionist principle be approved throughout Italy, then there may be a risk that it could be imitated in other countries.
Moderator:    David Snook - Intergame
Panel:           Alessio Crisantemi - Gioco News
                     Jason Frost - President Euromat
                     Alessandro Lama, - spokesman for the FEE operators' Consortium

Wednesday 16th January - EAG Technology Innovation Day

Comprising the key elements that are shaping the leisure entertainment and amusement sector.

11am - 12pm
Digital Technologies Benefit
A thought provoking session that will outline the key factors driving video amusement, Videmption and the other elements of current tech play in the amusement  sector.
Kevin Williams - KWP - overview of the current immersive entertainment scene and the issues driving business
Justin Burke  - SEGA International - embraced VR in the Western business representing LAI's 'Virtual Rabbids', what are their feelings about market against their traditional business. 
Alex Lurie - Vertigo VR - developer of the new 'Flyser', looking at both an operations and development perspective on the market.

2pm - 3pm
Immersive Technology
Looking at what is driving VR AR and the emergence of XR in the scene and how best to operate this - with presentations from operators and manufacturers of the latest tech.
Leif Peterson - Hologate - most successful VR system 'Hologate', and how to keep the success rolling. 
Devi Kolli - AiSolve - developer of 'WePlayVR', how working with amusement distributor and supporting the market works.
Martin Howe - Immersivity - operators of the 'Paraglide', recent installation on seaside pier and amusement, how this works.

3.30pm - 4.30pm
Invigorating the Millennials
Looking at the trends and applications that are driving new audiences to the entertainment venue, and how this needs to be redefined to survive in a changing  landscape.
Paul Collimore - Immotion - back for a second year, looking at Immotions success in starting VR group and impact on market 
Thomas Hamilton - RUSHVR - startup VR arcade in Milton Keynes, looking at the pitfalls and issues of new business in current market.
Julien Henrico - VEX Solutions - developer of the 'VEX' system and new racer, looking at entering the amusement market.

Thursday 17th January

11am - 12pm 
The future of Clean: Elevating your immersive experience
Hygiene safety in industry, commerce & location-based entertainment.  Immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, are rapidly being integrated across industry verticals; including entertainment, education, healthcare, advertising and corporate training. These mediums are changing how companies interact with their consumers while impacting end consumers’ expectations and demands for content delivery. With this growth comes the need for a comprehensive strategy and universal standard for addressing hygiene and safety issues. Lack of attention to hygiene is a commonly stated reason for why non-users may not try VR or AR in the first place. Common complaints include headsets being “wet” from the previous person’s sweat; smelly headsets and backpacks; grime build up in visors; fog in lenses; and overall lack of the “feeling” of being clean. Properly addressing hygiene is critical to mass consumer adoption and long-term business success. Cleanbox Technology definitively addresses hygiene needs with an eco-friendly product that decontaminates and dries HMDs between users—no liquid, no heat,
no toxins, no waste—protecting your company, your customer and your bottom line.